Microsoft Future Decoded London 2017

Today I was lucky enough to attend Microsofts future decoded event in London excel centre, as usual there was numerous talks that were of interest but as always, I had to diligently choose the ones that were of more interest to me.

For those who haven’t attended this Microsoft event before, this offers Microsofts insight into their vision of tomorrow, talks centre around what technologies and strategies Microsoft are investing in and that they would like us to pay attention to.

The keynote delivered essentially Microsofts sales pitch on their new surface, surface book and Microsoft hub devices and how they can leverage Microsoft collaborative web spaces to bring teams together from different locals. They gave a demonstration on the hub of how an individual in the audience is able to create story board sketches to the workspace, adding drawings and updating ordering of the drawings. At the same time, another team in the US is able to upload various photos to the same work space and rearrange them in any particular order.

This collaborative and seemingly lag free workspace sharing looks like an ideal solution to bring various teams together, and as I have found when working with various personnel spread over multiple locations this real-time update helps to not create bottlenecks in waiting for / delivering information to each other.

We also had a glimpse of HoloLens and Microsoft leveraging augmented reality and how it can be used in the business place. Panos Panay demonstrated how simply using the surface and the AR app, we are able to drop an augmented hub into the room, and side by side with a real hub, we can see how realistic it is and envision what it would actually look like in real life.