Creating a 1:1 meeting agenda with your reports

Meeting Details

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Agenda Items

1. Check-in:

Start the meeting by asking how your report is doing. This will help you understand their current state of mind and if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Encourage your report to speak candidly and openly, and listen carefully to their response. Take note of any issues or concerns that they mention, and work together to identify potential solutions.

2. Goal Reviews:

Discuss the progress of the goals that were set during the previous 1:1 meeting. This will help you understand if there are any roadblocks that need to be addressed. Ask your report how they feel about their progress towards their goals, and whether they feel they are on track to achieve them. If there are any challenges or obstacles that they are facing, brainstorm potential solutions together.

3. Performance Feedback:

Provide feedback on your report's performance since the last meeting. This will help them to understand their strengths and areas for improvement. Be specific and provide examples to support your feedback. If there are any areas where you feel they could improve, offer suggestions for how they can do so.

4. Career Development:

Discuss your report's career goals and aspirations, and how you can support them in achieving those goals. Ask them what they hope to achieve in their career, and how they see themselves growing within the company. Offer guidance and advice on how they can achieve their goals, and identify any training or development opportunities that may be available to them.

5. Project Updates:

Discuss the status of any ongoing projects and identify any areas that need attention. Ask your report to provide an update on their progress, and offer any guidance or support that they may need. If there are any issues or challenges that they are facing, work together to find solutions.

6. Action Items:

Review any action items from the previous meeting and discuss progress on those items. If there were any action items assigned during the previous meeting, review them together and discuss progress. If any action items were not completed, discuss why and how they can be completed moving forward.

7. Open Discussion:

Give your report an opportunity to express any concerns or feedback they may have. This will help to build trust and improve communication. Encourage them to speak openly and honestly, and listen carefully to their feedback. Take note of any concerns or suggestions that they have, and work together to find solutions.

8. Wrap-up:

Summarize the key points discussed during the meeting and set expectations for the next meeting. Review the key takeaways from the meeting, and ensure that both you and your report are clear on any action items or next steps that need to be taken. Set a date and time for the next meeting, and thank your report for their time and participation.

Meeting Conclusion

Thank your report for their time and participation. Ensure that both of you are clear on the next steps and any action items that need to be taken. Encourage your report to reach out to you if they have any questions or concerns in the meantime.